Shinrin-Yoku : Forest Bathing!

In Japanese and Mandarin there is a word for Forest Bathing – Shinrin-Yoku!

Everybody who’s spent time in a forest knows how it makes them feel – calm? peaceful? healthy? alive? – but it’s always good to have a word to draw attention to something important – and Forest Bathing is surely as important as […]

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Agroforestry that Pays Farmers and the Land

Social enterprise ArBolivia is using money from Western investors and crowdfunding to create profitable and ecologically minded timber production in areas of the South American rainforest, that might otherwise be clearcut. The hardwoord takes many years to grow and if managed sensibly is a softer approach to resource use that can offer big money […]

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Rewilding Scotland with trees,… and wolves!

99% of the forest that once covered Europe has gone. One man has a plan to bring some of it back, complete with wolves and bears! Predators are a vital part of a fully functioning eco-system, as demonstrated in Yellowstone Park in the States. Part of the plan is to reduce deer numbers to allow the forest […]

Seed Bombs – Aerial Reforestation

While drone tree planting technology is in development, another mass planting method exists – Seed Bombing! It can be done from the ground or from the sky – the Thai Air Force were employed to help with the reforestation in this example…

1 Billion Trees Per Year… With Drones?

Instead of doing surveillance or carrying out military missions, the drones from BioCarbon Engineering are taking on a decidedly more progressive task: planting trees and reversing deforestation.

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have taken off in popularity recently, with hobbyists and professionals alike using these small remotely-guided devices for everything from delivering packages to […]

Coffee Cup That Turns Into a Tree!

The people at planttrash.com have come up with a fantastic idea – a coffee cup embedded with seeds that can be planted straight into the soil to make a Tree, or wildflowers, or any plant with suitable seeds.

They got more than double their target funding on Kickstarter – let’s hope instead of parks and […]

Plants Talk to Each Other Using an Internet of Fungus

“Hidden under your feet is an information superhighway that allows plants to communicate and help each other out. It’s made of fungi”

A very interesting article from the BBC, going into more depth on the role of fungal networks in the lives and communication of trees and other plants – the ever more intriguing Wood […]

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Where do Trees Get Their Mass – Think You Know?!

A short and surprising video, asking Where do Trees Get Their Mass? Think you know? From the Earth? The answer may surprise you!! It surprised us!

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Whole Ecosystems Growing atop Giant Redwoods

Enjoyable little animated short about the discovery of mini ecosystems growing atop giant redwood trees. Bushes, fungi and trees grow in layers of soil high up in the branches of giant redwoods as well as some animals you might not expect!

Fantastic Fungi Film

A brilliant looking film is set for release in 2015 – Fantastic Fungi: The Forbidden Fruit – about the incredible life supporting role and intelligence of fungi and myceleum. For the lush shots of old growth forest and timelapses of growing fungi alone it’ll be worth the watch!

Here’s a quote from their site – […]